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Expanded Bus Service to the Medical Campus!

As of September 1st, NFTA Metro Bus Routes 14 Abbott and 16 South Park have been coming to the Medical Campus more frequently.

With bus stops at Ellicott and Goodell, Ellicott and N Oak, and Ellicott and Carlton, the 14 & 16 are great ways to get to work if you’re coming from the south, or to get to your southern destination if you live around the Medical Campus. Click here to see the new schedule.

Interested in trying it out? Employees can sign up for our Give Transit a Try Program to receive a month’s worth of free transit passes to see if it works for your commute. You can also download NFTA’s new Token Transit App that lets you pay for the bus ride on your mobile phone.


GOBNMC 101: So Many Ways to Get to Work on the Medical Campus!

For people who work on the Medical Campus, there are plenty of ways to commute to work that are healthy, have less impact on the environment, and save you money!

The BNMC team coordinates the planning, development, and management of a multi-modal transportation system that provides safe and efficient access to the Campus, strives toward world-class customer service, enhances transportation options for the overall community, and supports an urban, walkable environment.

What does that mean to you, someone who is just trying to get to work, you ask?

Essentially it means that we want to create a healthier community while ensuring easy access for patients, employees & visitors to destinations on the Medical Campus. To do that, we work with many partners to continue to grow and improve the many transportation and commuting options. Sign up for any of our transportation programs at to discover your options and savings! 

Commuting Options & GoBNMC Perks:

  • Public Transit: The newly renovated Allen Street/Medical Campus Subway station is located right on Campus inside the new Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. The NFTA has also extended bus routes from the Southtowns to the Medical Campus with pick-up and drop-off locations at Carlton and Ellicott streets. Ask your employer about the BNMC corporate subsidy of at least $20 for monthly metro passes and pre-tax savings for transit to make it even more economical.
  • Carpool: If driving with one or more colleagues, you can take advantage of preferred parking spaces and a carpooling pass that allows you to split the cost of parking with up to four people. Pre-tax payroll deductions may make this even cheaper.
  • Bike: We more than doubled the number of bike racks across the Medical Campus in 2018 and we are creating additional secure bike storage with 24/7 member-only access in the new garage at 854 Ellicott and it’s at the corner of Ellicott and Virginia and soon to be open in the new garage at 854 Ellicott. Once the weather breaks (for good!) the Reddy Bike team will get the bike share program back in action. Stay tuned for the free annual membership code (available to everyone who works on the Medical Campus).
  • Need a ride after getting to the Medical Campus without a car? Take advantage of the Zipcar carshare program to use a vehicle for a flat rate (includes gas & insurance). Free membership and discounted rates are available for Medical Campus employees. We also offer Guaranteed Rides Home through Lyft if something unexpected comes up and you need to be there quickly!
  • Walk: Enjoy the scenery and the health benefits by getting to Campus on your own two feet!


Commute Perks with Go Buffalo Niagara

Your commute is important to you, and it’s important to us! Through the rest of 2018, our partner Go Buffalo Niagara is offering special perks when you use their commute tools or share them with a friend.

Earn up gift cards to the store of your choice 

Get $10 when you track at least 10 trips through the rest of the year using the 511NY Rideshare trip tracker. You can track your trips on the the mobile app, or in your web browser when you log in to the portal!

Get $10 when you refer a friend to the BNMC’s rideshare portal and they sign up! If they’re not on the BNMC, they can use the regional Go Buffalo Niagara rideshare portal. Just send the name of the friend you referred to You will receive your reward once they sign up.

Want some customized help with your commute?

Find a rideshare, bike buddy, or transit route with some customized help from Go Buffalo Niagara. Send an email to or call 716-218-7806.