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Give Transit a Try for Free this Summer!

The BNMC is offering employees who work on the Medical Campus the chance to try transit for free, using either NFTA Metro Bus or Rail to get to work during the month of June, July, or August. With two train stations and multiple bus routes directly serving the Medical Campus, transit is a great way to get to work. If you are interested in giving transit a try, please fill out this short survey and we will be back in touch with you via email soon.
Eligible participants are employees who work on the Medical Campus and currently have a parking permit for the parking lot at 589 Ellicott or the garages at 134 High Street or 854 Ellicott.
You will have the option to hold and not pay for your parking pass during the month you are participating in Give Transit a Try. You will also be signed up for our Guaranteed Ride Home program (one free Liberty Cab, Lyft, or Uber ride if needed during the month) and our parking validation program (2 free parks per month) as back-up options during your transit trial.
We will be using the NFTA’s new Token Transit app system, so you must be willing and able to download the app on your smartphone.
Thank you, and please email us at with any questions.