Guaranteed Ride Home

What if a carpool and the driver has to leave work early? What if my child is sick at school or I have to stay at work late? What if I biked but the weather took a turn for the worst? Won’t I be stranded? Well, no. Our GRH Program provides you with a voucher for a free taxi ride to wherever you need to be when the unexpected occurs.

Once you sign up for a GO BNMC Bundle, we will give you a free taxi-ride voucher. You hold on to the voucher and use it when an emergency occurs. Just call the taxi company, get picked up, hand the voucher to the driver and take off to your destination. It’s our way to provide you with peace of mind, and to say “thank you” for choosing a greener commuting option.


Once an employee is registered for the Program, BNMC staff will mail him/her their first voucher (the voucher can also be picked up at the GO Zone). The employee holds on to the voucher until an emergency occurs. To use the voucher, the employee must follow these instructions:

  • The GRH trip must originate from the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.
  • The employee must call Liberty Taxi and inform them of their intention to use the voucher. The employee must provide Liberty Taxi with the GRH Account Number during this call. The phone number and account number are located on the voucher.
  • Liberty Taxi will take the employee to his/her destination. The employee will fill out and sign the voucher and present it to the taxi driver once the trip is completed.
  • The voucher will cover up to $60 of the trip’s cost. The participant is responsible for paying any amount above $60. $60 will cover a 20 mile trip.

Once an employee has used a voucher, Liberty Taxi will send it back to BNMC, Inc. along with an invoice for the trip. BNMC staff will then mail the participant their second voucher. Participants are allowed to use up to 4 vouchers annually from the time they are enrolled in the Program.