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Interested in offering better transportation choices to your employees on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus?  We offer several services that can help you create a sustainable commuting system for your company.

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Analyze. Recommend. Implement. Our team of transportation experts will work directly with you to create a customized set of commuter benefits for your employees. Our assessments are quick – we know how to be in-depth without being in your way. Contact us today to get started.

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Ready to get the word out about transportation options and programs available to your employees or tenants? We can create customized marketing materials specific to services available near your location and the programs you offer. Contact us today for more information.

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In-person meetings and one-on-ones are often the best way to share information. We can conduct commuter classes for your employees, where we would discuss their transportation options and answer any questions they might have. We can also attend larger seminars or fairs to help spread the word. Contact us today for more information.

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Are you located in the City of Buffalo and want a free bike rack installed in front of your building? Through a partnership between the City and GObike Buffalo, signature “GObike” racks can be installed free of charge along the street or on public property. Simply fill out the Bicycle Parking Request Form to get on the free bike rack list.

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Want to make it easier to bike to work? We can help you plan out, order and install bicycle accommodations for your workplace – from bike racks to lockers, changing rooms and showers. We can also help you implement other incentives to encourage employees to bike to work.

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Want to provide employees with a way to get around without a car while at work? Reddy Bikeshare offers a fleet of bicycles that can be used to run errands, get exercise or simply get to your destination in a green and healthy way. Contact Reddy Bikeshare today to see how you can offer this program to employees.

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Discover the Benefits

  • Reduce your Costs

    Leasing parking is expensive, and so is building and maintaining it. We can help you save money by reducing your need for parking.

  • Improve your Workforce

    Providing affordable commuting options isn’t only good for your bottom line, it helps keep money in your employees’ bank accounts as well. That means higher job satisfaction and higher employee retention.

  • Improve Employee Health

    Employees who choose to walk, bike or take transit to work have shown to be less stressed and more positive and productive at the workplace. Active employees can also reduce your company’s medical expenses.

  • Get Recognized for Being Green

    When your employees choose greener travel methods, it’s not only good for the environment, it’s good PR. Companies that are environmental stewards are known to attract higher-tier talent and are more likely to get positive publicity.

  • Elevate the City

    The new generation of workers want alternatives to driving – and they’re flocking to walkable communities. By supporting our area’s growing alternative transportation system, you’re making it easier for everyone to attract today’s top talent.

  • Stay Ahead of the Curve

    As a way to reduce parking demand and traffic congestion, Buffalo is beginning to mandate that organizations provide better transportation options to their employees. Our transportation solutions can help you keep ahead of evolving parking reforms and new zoning ordinances, while showing that you are a pioneer in moving our city forward.

Explore the Options

There are many simple and inexpensive steps that you can take to encourage green commuting behavior. We’ll help you figure out which ones work best for you, including a combination of marketing, incentives and service improvements. Here are just a few that you can implement.

  • Parking Cash-Outs

    Do you pay for your employees’ parking costs? Free parking is one of the biggest motivators to choose to drive to work. Instead, offer your employees a choice: provide them with a commuter bonus every month that they can spend on whatever they want. Some will use it to pay for a parking space, but others will decide to pocket the bonus and find another way to get to work.

  • Subsidized Transit Passes

    Paying for your employees NFTA-Metro passes is a great way to encourage the use of transit. Also, NFTA’s Metro Perk Program allows employers to pay for passes using pre-tax dollars – every $1,000 spent on passes can save your company $76 in FICA, annually.

  • Carpooling Programs

    Not everyone can walk, bike or take transit to work. Create incentive programs that encourage employees to carpool. You could set up a carpool matching program, create “carpool only” parking spaces, and could even provide financial bonuses to employees who choose to carpool.

  • Guaranteed Ride Home

    Many employees feel that if they walked, biked, took transit or carpooled to work and an emergency occurred, they’d be stranded at work. Create a Guaranteed Ride Home Program that provides employees with a free taxi ride home in the event of an emergency. It will provide them with some peace of mind and will let them know that you have their back and appreciate their commuting choice.

  • Bicycle Amenities

    Provide secure, indoor bicycle parking for your employees so that they know their bike is safe. If possible, provide additional amenities like lockers for storing work clothes and helmets, and even changing rooms and showers if an employee needs to freshen up after their morning commute.

  • Carshare Services

    What happens if an employee wants to take the train to work but needs to get to a meeting across town later in the day? If your company has a Zipcar Account, that employee can reserve a vehicle at a nearby hub and take that vehicle to the meeting.

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