Commute Cost Calculator

How much do you spend on just getting to and from work? Play with our commute cost calculator to see how much you spend on commuting every day, every month and every year.

Car Size
Vehicle Fuel Economy
25 mpg
Cost of Gas per Gallon
Daily Round Trip Commute*
20 miles
Monthly Parking Fees
Monthly Toll Fees
Work days in Month

*Use Google Maps to calculate
**Calculated based on AAA's "Your Driving Costs 2012" estimated maintenance and tire costs per mile driven.

Total Costs

Monthly Commute Miles Driven
Monthly Gallons Consumed for Commute
Monthly Cost of Gas for Commute
Monthly Maintenance and Tire Cost for Commute**
Total Daily Commuting Cost
Total Monthly Commuting Costs
Total Yearly Commuting Cost


Paying more than you'd like to? Remember, you have options on how you commute. Live within a few miles of work? Join the non-motorized transportation revolution and walk or bike there - they're green, fun, and great ways to improve your health.

Don't live that close? See if transit works for you: Metro Rail is a relaxing, reliable and fast way to get to work, and if you live on a major bus route, you can not only have more "you time," but might still be able to get there quickly and cheaply.