We’re here to make biking to work easier.dsc_0851-600x400

Check out our biking incentive programs and join the growing number of employees who are getting outside and getting rid of their commuting costs.

Bike Parking

We’ve got plenty of bike parking on the Medical Campus, including indoor bike storage. Use our map below to find the best bike parking for your needs.

Bike Commuting Resources

New to bike commuting? Head over to our partner group, GObike Buffalo, for a myriad of resources on how to bike to work safely, efficiently, and comfortably.

Register Your Bike

Register your stolen bicycle through, or better yet — register before it is stolen. Once your bike is listed, its details will be made available to the bike shops, police departments, pawn shops and other organizations that use the data to help fight bike theft. Follow the link to learn more about how to prevent bike theft and what to do if your bike is stolen — and, of course, to register your bike!